Metal Wall Art
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3D Metal Wall Art

3D metal wall art is probably one of the most exciting forms of this medium of art. Unlike painting and other art intended for decorating your home, these fixtures can really stand out and make a statement by literally standing out. Most people think of art as simply stuff inside a frame, but not so with fixtures like these. Instead, these products do whatever they want – coming out from the frame or just simply not having a frame at all.

With the cool look metal already has and the unique colors particular to this medium, adding a 3D or sculptural aspect to it greatly highlights the visually interesting aspects of this form. This allows artists to experiment to a much greater degree than canvas painting and allows you to access much more fashion forward looks than with other mediums. This can also be exciting because it allows artists to use multiple pieces of fixtures to create one complete look, which is greatly different than what you’ll find most other places such as in standard paintings.

These products can often be simply sculptures on the wall. This means you can have a really exciting piece with intricate details on your wall so that’s it’s out of the way, but still observable. Some of the more interesting projects in this realm feature scenes from nature or objects like ships. These can be used as the centerpiece of a room or as an object that helps tie the décor of the room together, fitting a theme or just looking cool.

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